what i thought about while eating dinner

18 07 2006

no other culture on the planet can boil a potatoe like the portuguese.

i’m sure we stole the method way back when we owned like 1/5 of the planet, but still. if you generally think boiled potatoes are bland and boring, you got to find yourself a portuguese friend and ask them to boil up one for you. go ahead. we’re used to it.

you know that weird hissing sound that you need to make when cats are all up in your shit; annoyingly rubbing against your leg cause you’re not showering attention on it. you know what im talking about, it sounds kind of like “HSSssssssss!”…..i beleive it called “hissing” in some circles. anyways, i think that, that and swimming pools are the only thing keeping house cats from taking over. i mean they’re at their most active when we’re asleep. and they have sharp teeth and claws. if you ask me, if you own a cat you’re just aiding the eventual feline take-over. in order to try and get more weirdos to come to this site, i will now type “pussy” six times (in addition to the initial). pussy. pussy. pussy. pussy. pussy. pussy.

if one day we reach a point where all aquatic life becomes extinct, i think i’m going to call it a life and just kill myself. fish is too damn delicious to live without.

i have friends that are vegetarians and vegans, but doesn’t the fact that the most tasty types of meat (i.e. steaks, ribs, legs, etc) do not require processing in order to attain it’s ultimate form, seem a little too convienent? i mean, sure, eat your tri-vegetable protein or tofu or whatever, but if you’re going to be an uppity vegan/vegetarian and rag on science (for playing god, or what have you) just remember: that shit doesn’t grow on trees, or on a farm. a mutha’fuckin’ scientist sorted that shit out. so show some respect. also, if you’re not an uppity vegan/vegetarian, that doesn’t apply to you. you’re cool.


~after dinner~

ahhh, it’s good to have friends. The Steve Moustache Show NSFW!!!




4 responses

22 07 2006

i like cats, but i wouldn’t own one. i prefer hamsters.

22 07 2006

did you know that in south america, before colonization, people would have tunnels under their “kitchens” of their huts where they allowed hamsters and guinea pigs to grow, and they’d open a trap door in the floor to pull one or two out when they need to cook one. those rodents were an important source of protein to the early meso-american family.

25 07 2006

interesting… you learn something new everyday. the more you know! hamsters are pretty cute though. and wouldn’t they chew through the wires and stuff? or i must be thinking about beavers.

25 07 2006

this is WAYYY before electricity

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