Passion of the Clerks

26 07 2006

Clerks II.

In 1995, i was 13 years old; just entering my teens. I had a whole lot of problems that i was dealing with and very little sense of my place in the world around me or where I was heading; a trait not too uncommon for one so young. I first saw the movie Mallrats on the canadian equivalent of HBO. Here i saw a group of unshaven slackers, waxing poetic about all sorts of pop-culture debris, swearing like sailors, and having adventures, all set within their local mall. I watched, and re-watched this movie, ravenously. It spoke to me. Behind the facade of slackers, these guys were seizing the day and making something of their lives.

A few months later, I had heard that Kevin Smith, the film’s director, had previously made a little movie called Clerks. Clerks changed my life in numerous ways, although it has been suggested that it defined Generation X sentiments (a generation which I did not belong too, due to my age). Intelligent 20-somethings, with shit-jobs but never-say-die attitudes, whose only trait overpowering their ambition was their own apathy to the world around them. I fell into this mindset naturally, as the unescapability of living in suburban Ontario really had not helped to motivate the budding sciene-nerd in me. Aside from that,I was introduced to independant film. I blossumed into a formidable media junkie years later, with Clerks being my first taste of non-mainstream work.

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Clerks II with two good friends of mine; one of them being one of the first people i had originally seen Clerks with, and whom i worked a dead-end job with all through highschool. Smith’s previous “viewaskew-niverse” movie tried to put an end to the saga of Leorardo, NJ but it didn’t feel quite right. To those of you who loved his other movies, but have worried about this film, I can tell you that Smith is in top-form. The wit is piled on thick, as are the dick and fart jokes, and relevant yet hillarious pop-culture references. This is a movie may be the funniest he has made but at the same time, had many moments where, even I – 10 years younger that the audience whose generation was defined by Clerks, could draw parallels to my own life. Ultimatley, the message, as i saw it, was that although the slacker generation is now thirty-somethings, their star hasn’t fizzled out. A Generation which was defined by those you fought the tide of social norms can still define their lives how they see fit and can continue to live each day with a zest for life that is only outmeasured by their apathy towards to the world left for them by the previous generation.

Thanks, Kevin Smith, for making a movie that I can’t even try to bitch about on the internet.

p.s.Rosario Dawson is fucking gorgeous ! BUNG!





3 responses

26 07 2006

Holy crap!!!

Clerks II is out!? Damned montreal, if I can even find it here it will probably be in french -merde-.

Also awesome post. Nice homage to the greatest screen writer/director of all time (ok so maybe he’s not the greatest director per se, but the man can write!).

27 07 2006
The Jay

I saw the flick on Sunday and Kevin showed up and did a Q & A afterwards. He’s a damn gracious man, and funny to boot. I think Clerks II is his best flick yet. The single best moment in the movie is the culmination of Jay’s Silence of the Lambs dancing (I’m being vague so as not to spoil anyone who hasn’t seen it yet).

27 07 2006

bahahaha! yeah, i think that got the most laughs when i saw it too. but it was pretty much nonstop laughter anyway.

the q&a must have been awesome. anything interesting???

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