“marcel’s a scientist” tour made the news

29 07 2006

remember how i said i got into some news format at the gas pump in boston? thanks to heavy d for taking the time out from playing fifa 2006, to send me this.

thats what i look like after 10 hours of uninterrupted hours of highway driving folks.


**update: damn, i look good.




3 responses

29 07 2006

hahahaha That’s a great pose!

30 07 2006

Rofflecakes I wanna get on television. The fuel prices are high over here too. :[

30 07 2006

the funny thing was, the gas there was cheaper than it was back home! i was just exhausted.

i totally played it up for the journalist though! haha. i tend to do that to “news”people

when asked what hours im most productive at work:
“my prime work hours? oh, i usually get really going at 8 or 9 pm” bahahahahaha

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