the first day of the rest of my life (?)

31 07 2006

i don’t know shit about writing, as evidenced by past posts, but after reading about the need for more accessible tech-writers, i think i see a niche. not tech-writiing; that’d be disasterous. i figure that since i know a bit of science, i might as well start down a path to science journalist-glory.

but not one of them, new yorker-style, “i know how to spell properly” types. nope, it’s gonzo jopurnalism for me, baby!!

now don’t expect anything, anytime soon. that would, afterall, not be very gonzo journalistic, afterall. but eventually i’ll get around to trying to write about science in a ball-out attitude. so watch for it. oh, and give me feedback. i suspect the first few will be pretty horrible. but, it’ll only be up from there!

p.s. curioso, you missed a hell of a good weekend. posibbly the gayest i’ve ever seen Bola be. one word- hillarious. we all wished you were her.





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