kurt russell movie week

7 08 2006

starting this past monday, my buddies have been reliving the highs and lows of Kurt Russell movie week: the mullet era. possibly some of the finest movies ever made, featuring some of the greatest hair ever styled! i missed monday and tuesday, but the remainder was fantastic. the late-week addition of Tombstone (i realize, not a mullet movie) was great as it’s sunday viewing allowed the barbecuing (thats a really weird word to spell) of meat, and production of sweet potatoe pies. i may have added too much of my secret ingredient. my quest to produce a pie capable of challenging my friend’s title as best-pie-maker-that-i-know will continue. also, tombstone served as a great opening to cowboy movie week, which, at this point, relys entirely on the finding of young guns 1 on dvd (for cheap).

there was also some pretty big news revealed on sunday to the rest of bat-gang. on saturday night, k-rot and i travelled into the big city (toronto), braving the ridiculous caribana traffic jams, and went to check out a couple bands; crystal castles and 100% wool(who i thought really sucked, and then i found out their drummer is blind and i felt bad; “what the fuck? is that a drummer or a robot? is it possible to play a drum any more square?!….why is she pulling out a blind person’s cane?…..awwww). crystal castles were pretty radd though. old school, video game beats with bass guitar (from the bassist from cheerleader). fuckin great.

anyways, while at the bar me and kyle came to a decision. we liked baltimore. we have labour day weekend off. let’s do a trip to baltimore, if he can book a show with the death set!! over the course of an hour this idea evolved into the:

IRON BITCHFACE’s “Marcel’s a scientist” best-of labour day mini-tour!!!!

with possible dates in rhode island (or connecticut; fuck connecticut), new jersey, baltimore, and pittsburg.


much the contrary to the first tour, where i went 10 days with only 2 or 3 coffees, the sheer retarded amounts of driving that will be required of me for this 4 day weekend (and 463 hours i’ll probably be stuck in traffic during said weekend) will require caffeine levels never before seen in a human being.

so in the next few days k-rot will be busy booking shows, while i prepare myself mentally for the upcoming fiasco. should be fun.

aside from this, while mowing my lawn on saturday i noticed the overgrowing grass and weeds of my neighbour’s property. after throughly inspecting their front lawn and rose garden, i have come to two conclusions:

1) i haven’t looked in this direction for weeks, to not have noticed anything amiss, up until this point.

2)it is quite possible that my elderly polish neighbour is dead.

well, off to the lab for some sciencing. have a great day!!  😉





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