that’s not going to help Bill Gates’s image

15 08 2006

i know a real sieg heil salute is with the left hand, but i’m going to guess ol’ Bill Gates is going to wish he could do this picture from the international AIDS conference, over again.

expect to see this on every wall at the Mac head office…





3 responses

15 08 2006

haha, you beat me to it! I was just about to comment to my own readership of the same image! weird, yet funny… by the way, keep the soul patch regardless of what Jerry says!

16 08 2006

haha! yeah, i knoew this was blogger’s Gold when i saw it in the Star.

also, i’ll probably keep the soul patch. i’ve stopped listening to Jerry months ago! haha

18 08 2006

loooooooool, all he needs is the moustache… i smell a Photoshop oppurtunity. *sly*

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