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21 08 2006

man, the end of the summer is high on the suckiness level.

all sorts of people are leaving for grad school, med school, work, life; which is obviously bitter-sweet (sure you want your friends to pursue their goals, but you also enjoy their company). it’s getting cold. which is especially crappy if you live in 6 months of winter blues every year; i.e. in Canada. And just the general progression of time and the realization that everyday the innocence of youth is further, and further from the present day. but that’s what life is all about i suppose.

i just found a pretty cool blog called New York Hack, written by a NYC cabbie about their misadventures. Pretty cool, i say you should check it out. I’m mean it’s not the best blog in the world, but i like it.

this weekend was pretty intense. saturday was the final Brahma show for capoeira. i’m so glad that i stink at capoeira, because it means of the 50 shows that Labatt had us doing, all around Ontario, i was only pulled in for a handful. nothing like doing martial arts in front of a bar full of drunken hicks!

so, snakes on a plane was incredible. very old school (read 80’s) horror/slasher movie. all kinds of crazy/awesome death scenes. plus, a snake bites a broad on the tit. now that’s good theatre! sadly, i dropped the ball as far as getting rubber snakes to throw at the screen. maybe once it hits the art houses again i’ll catch it. maybe on a rocky horror/snakes double bill! that’d be radd.

i just watched Beowolf & Grendel. not a bad little movie. weak, hollywood ending, though. i think Vikings are going to be the next big thing, now that the wholepirate/ninja craze seems to be losing steam. i, for one, welcome it. vikings are fucking wicked!


i’ve also realized that Halloween is just around the corner and im guessing, mainly because all the halloween stuff is already in the stores, this year it’ll be big! i guess it’s finally cool to dress up and have fun, again. I’ll be spending the next couple months convincing my friend (chinese) Dave to dress up with me… to celebrate, here’s a halloween video that i didn’t watch, but i saw a scene with a guy dressed as a ghostbuster and uses the Dead Kennedy’s song, Halloween, as the soundtrack, apparently (my speakers are broken).







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