grad student woes

22 08 2006

well, after two weeks of failed experiments, monday went fantastic and everything i did worked. of course, today i had an emotional backlash and was depressed with the virtual nonexsistence of direction in my life and the very real obscurity of my project. i love grad school!

here are some more examples of everyday grad school situations, from the greatest webcomic ever!

1: i hear the jingle of keys and i know to look busy

2: i should’ve been a politician, cause after weekly lab meeting, i can bs with the best of’em

3: the supervisor’s on vacation/in-lab movie week
4: a new labelling system




4 responses

24 08 2006

this has nothing to witht he subject of your blog, but i thought it would bring extreme happiness and fullfillment in your life:

You can thank me later

25 08 2006

Gawsh, webcomics can really make me laugh. 🙂 Oh yeah, is there a difference between grad school and uni?

25 08 2006


“university” generally means the first 3/4 years of undergrad. this is stereotypical stuff. having fun, meeting people, skipping classes, hacking into the school’s mainframe to change your marks, and complaining about not studying.

grad school, on the other hand, involves alot less classes (at UWaterloo you only need 3 courses in your entire MSc(2 years), i think 5 for a PhD(5years or more)). instead you do research for a prof. in his lab and have to write a thesis by the end of it and defend in front of other profs, your work. so the majority of your time is spent getting coffee, surfing the net, avoiding your prof, complaining about your project, complaining about your supervisor, complaining about your deteriorating social skills, complaining about your pay (you generally get paid, but also have to pay tuition. however, it’s really more like the university throwing a couple nickels and dimes at you every month), trying to get work together and convincing your prof to send you to the big conference in Hawaii, and, finally, complaining about not getting sent to Hawaii.

all in all, grad school is the funnest thing in the universe, if you have a nice supervisor.

if not, it’s living hell.

25 08 2006

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