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27 08 2006

as the time ticks by, ushering an end to my “lazy-sunday” (read: the half of the day i didn’t spend in the lab, which i have set aside for doing nothing), i can’t help but think about what the western world has become. I just watched 1984 for the first time, so bear with me. Cotrary to the Orwellian-world from the novel, where people are sedated through constant surveillence and restricted information, we seem to be sedating ourselves through information-overload and an over-indulgence in voicing our opinion. It’s much easier to post on the net about your disagreement with a government or organization, than to go out and protest. It’s not a good thing. But, hey,what the hell do I know about social responsibility anyway…

anyways, since Jurassic Park 3 is on, the one with the made-up-a-saurus, I guess I should throw some meat to you vultures.

Friday was hectic. I woke up, felt great, then moved and pulled a muscle in my neck. This was basically a metaphore for my whole day. “Hey, now that I’m the only grad student in the lab, I’ll have all sorts of new things to do, so I won’t be bored!” Reality: I have 101 new jobs to learn and noone is around to ask if i fuck up when i fuck up. This wouldn’t be so bad, since I’m pretty used to screwing up and I’m pretty stubborn anyway, but I ended up having to work real late. So I wasn’t able to go train (capoeira) again. Whole week, no training. I’m fattening up for the winter, you see. The OT was not without excitement, however. On the way out, I noticed a big puddle of water in front of the lab which holds the autoclave, steamer, and the large walk-in incubators (full of bacteria). Non-microbiologists call it the “smelly room”…

ASIDE: oh man, it’s at the stupid raptor part in Jurassic park. Where the raptors communicat/”talk” to each other. So fucking lame!

so, after investigating this pool and the various steaming copper pipe junctions throughout the room, i, Bernie Duncker (our resident cancer-researcher), and UofW’s best computer-modelling systems were on the job. I decided to turn a few knobs, wait a half-hour, then leave if the puddle didn’t get any bigger (fuck it, it’s the weekend).

i ended up hanging out with a buddy of mine, and we continued my hunt to find Teen Wolf on dvd (it’s all about the 80’s teen comedys!). It was this night I realized that it is actually easier for me to get illegal drugs, than to find Teen Wolf on dvd. In 2-weeks, I’ve been to 12 STORES!!!!! 12. Big chain stores, obscure and shady stores, video stores, grocery stores, everything! It’s getting totally ridiculous. Instead I was able to get all the old Superman propaganda cartoons from the 1940’s. I used to have a couple on VHS when I was little. They’re pretty good, and really funny to see how racist they are. If you’re a Superman dork,it’s cool to see Superman in media, before he could fly (originally he could only jump; what the fuck is so super about that!?). In the one I remember most, the Japanese steal a plane and Superman has to fight them off and make a bunch of racial slurs in the process. Turns out these cartoons are in public-domain now, so without further adieu, here’s Superman vs The JAPOTEURS

or click on the asian stereotype for a youtube video of someone who dubbed over the cartoon with their own buffonery

aside from that, head on over to Alex’s blog Daily Blather, as he has moved to Japan to teach english and will have many misadventures, i’m sure. Be forewarned though, he’s smart and has full mastery over the english language, so if you’re expecting the same degree of incoherent, typographical-vomit that i spill out, you’ll be dissapointed. But it will be interesting, and you’ll thank yourself for doing so.
lastly, i’ve updated the blog links at right with some new shit. Notably, some awesome webcomics that I finally put links for. Look at them and put an end to the constructive use of your time! hahahaha




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18 01 2007
Mary Leachman

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