further explanation would only complicate things

1 09 2006

last night, after an IBF basement show, K-Rot and I were 10m away from being blown up by an exploding grenade.





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1 09 2006

WTF!? ok i think this DEMANDS further explanation.

also, this is a comment. are you happy now? Alos, I read your blog for entertainment, if I had anything to contriubute to society or the ability to write a half decent sentence, I would write my own god damn blog and not look to your site to temporarily take away the boredom.



2 09 2006

haha! you won me over with “xoxoxoxo”!!

also, no, there will be no further explanation.

2 09 2006

What do you mean “no further explanation”?! Was this some kind of plastic, water-filled grenade?

3 09 2006

no, it was something the Canadian Military uses.

sorry, my grenade-knowledge is limited, so i can’t tell you what kind.

3 09 2006

This is perhaps why comments are limited.

We ask for a clarification onmatters, and we get nothing. For shame on you sir.
Perhaps I should just start readin about hulke’s adventures in Japan, at least he’ll tell me why swome random samurai almost chopped him to bits if it happens.

and wait, wouldn;t a grenade explaosin attract the attention of the cops, bomb squad, csis, and the mounties? and wouldn’t it be fron page talk about it for weeks headline news in K-town?



3 09 2006

it attracted an unmarked white van, that questioned K and me.

we had an unusually large corn crop this year, so that been making most of the headline 😛

i guess one of the kids from the show was on leave from a canadian military academy and stole a pipe grenade, then we just happened to be turning the corner when this guy (and his group of idiots, sorry i mean friends) had decided to set the thing off.

i’ve been recieving bits and pieces of info over the last few days, so i haven’t been able to really explain it.

regardless, i can tell my kids, one day, that i was almost blown up by a grenade.

p.s. i remain steadfast in my opinion that you need to leave more comment, regardless of how good they are, as i enjoy reading comments.

4 09 2006

Sweeeet thanks for the explanation. sounds kinda crazy still.

I will personally try to leave more comments, i dont know about the rest of the goons that read your site…malcolm, ace, hugh! leave a comment you snobs!!

(there i told em for ya).


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