4 09 2006

i went to Labour of Love (lol) yesterday, and it was pretty awesome.

surprisingly, not too many weirdos and only a few disco grannies!

some pretty great music though.

BEST OF ALL, for those of you who are down with the movie Purple Rain, remember that weird line dance all the club kids do during Dez Dickerson’s song (you know, the band that isn’t Prince or The Time, and you’d watch the movie and be like “who the hell is that?” and your friend would be like, that was one of Prince’s first guitarists, but they split because that guy went all super-christian). They’re all in lines and do this weird shuffling thing. WELL! the ravers were doing that! I was like “hey *insert the name of one of the friends i went to the party with*, remember that crazy line dance from Purple Rain!” and they were, like, “no”, and then i was, like, “oh, nevermind then…”

someone just sent me this link, which features a ton of photoshopped images of Riker from star trek and someone or something called “the bear” plus all sorts of Torontonian imagery. It’s funny. I recommend going through all 15 pages.





4 responses

4 09 2006

behold the awesomeness of my avatar!!

5 09 2006

I thought u were goin to a rave in k-town!

Another friend of mine invited me to labour of love as well…it woulda been weird to see you there if i went! than again, im not really into the scene so the chances of me going really were slim…

what’s up with the avatar dude? Is it some chic that’s just been abused by her husband/boyfriend, becasue if it is, that’s just not funny. Your a sick twisted man.

Oh, Dont forget to look up the prices for Oktoberfest, i’ve got a bunch of peeps interested!


5 09 2006

How *dare* you take the name of Star Trek in vain… I am none to impressed ^_^

5 09 2006

the avater is madonna with a black eye

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