congratulations!…you know the cover kind of looks like…

7 09 2006

after a year (or a real long time, if it wasn’t a full year) of waiting to be accepted, my buddy finally had his Nature Biotech paper accepted.

for you nega-dweebs out there, as far as computational biology is concerned, Nature Biotech is the bee’s knees.

way to go big guy…

…even though you’re in the penis issue…






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8 09 2006

speaking of penis covers…

Last night someone told me about the new Ikea catalogue where the family dog had a mans penis photoshopped where his leg should be. Later that night someone had a copy, and, it’s defenetely no urban legend. Pretty freaking hilarious.

congratulations marketing guy that got fired two minutes after that got released!

14 09 2006

Far out… that’s amazing. My friend’s psyhics/biology/chemistry (just pick one) book looks like there’s a metal penis grinding and making sparks on this metal type material.

8 12 2006

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