Pie Master 2006

18 09 2006

that’s all she wrote folks.

Pie-off 2006 hit the ground running saturday afternoon, where K-rot, Brad and I (after putting in more than a few early morning lab hours) entertained 20 of our closer friends to the social event of the season. Burgers and corn (bought directly from a mennonite that morning, might i add!) got the ball rolling, but no less than 8 mighty pies were baked, each baker with aspirations of winning the illustrious math Pie Master 2006 plastic GOLD medal!!

Brad, who issued the initial challenge to me, and I decided to take control of K-rot’s kitchen and had an old fashioned pie off! complete with county faire-esque soundtrack! The trash talk was flung and neither of us fell for the salt in the sugar dupe.

Out of the pies, there were 3 that I was very worried could have been better than mine; a key lime that was out of this world, a fiji apple-raspberry mix that quite possibly was the greatest thing I ever tasted, and a peach pie that attained a “grandmother” level of presentation-al perfection. It would be a rough climb to the top for my ugly-duckling of a sweet potatoe pie! (Fancy looking pies are for sell-outs) Maybe it was the cinammon, maybe it was the love, maybe it was the quarter mickey of spiced rum but some how i was able to fool the judges into liking mine best.

so that’s it. I’ve been recoginized by a panel of my peers. I’m living the dream, boys and girls.

tomorrow I’ve got to fill up our liquid Nitrogen containers (which takes like an hour, and I’ve never doen it before) and I have heard rumours that you can make ice cream if you have some half&half cream…this will require further investigating. Also, next weekend the fabled SPIDERTALK is finally being recorded!!! (fuck you’s, i know you don’t care)


im a big nerd!

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5 responses

19 09 2006

I hope that worked

in case it didn’t: 16, but I will say this: The test missed my achilles heel of nerdom COMICS!!!

19 09 2006

*the copy paste of that thing didnt work at all*

My Nerd score was 16, not a nerd.

20 09 2006

why do i hang out with you anyway? 16 ?! pshh!

you probably dont even have a diorama of the quadratic formula made from coffee cups and cheetohs bags, do ya’? poser…

21 09 2006
21 09 2006

what’d you get? it didn’t show.

guys, keep in mind you’re competing with a scientist here.

we’re like the rap singers or all-star quarter-backs, to the part of the world that is literate (OOO!)

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