22 09 2006

ice cream: the liquid nitrogen way!
pour 1 L half & half cream into a metal pot and add copious amounts of chocolate syrup. stir  using a wood spoon. add a small amount of liquid nitrogen, using a suitable holding container (probably a very thick plastic). **be careful! liquid nitrogen will cause INSTANT frostbite if it touches your skin (-196 degrees C!!)** crush the hardened mixture with the spoon. DO NOT mix (this may cause bubbles of nitrogen gas which, if ingested, can cause the bends). continue adding liquid nitrogen until the consistency of the mix resemcles that of the surface of the planet Mars. throughly crush the mixture until creamy, and delicious.

in other news, the walk-in incubator was out of commision for the last couple days (no 37 deg. C = no bacteria = alot of work being done that i had put off = no fun). turns out some foolish undergrad put something they were using in a lab for their class into the 37 deg. when they should have, i heard rumours of phenol or formaldehyde. the heat aerosolized and turned the walk-in incubator into some sort of poison gas chamber. the HAZMAT boys were called in, turning the microbiology store room into something out of E.T. (remember that scene. with the guys in the suits, and the plastic-enclosed passages).

so with all the free time, i decided to check out the science “rags” to see what was new. i found something which i figured needed to be repeated.




The Epaulette Shark, found in Indonesian waters, tends to hang out near the ocean floor, where it feeds on ground feeding fish. now, for some reason, it retains enough strength in it’s pectoral muscles to “crawl” along the ocean floor (?!) sounds crazy? will it is. apparently it can even “run” and will occasionally “run” away from predators. awesome! check out this video and the fifteenth video on this page to check it out in action. also, here’s the original article i found.

Finally, check out this review of Mike Judge’s (office space guy) new movie, IDIOCRACY. i am so incredibly interested in seeing this!!

AAAAAAnd, this incredible video. apparently this is a satirical commentary on Japan’s blindly-idealistic corporate practice.





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24 09 2006

I think it’s a common misconception that nitrogen will instantly cause frostbite. You’re correct in thinking that if you stick your hand into a pool of the stuff you’ll basically lose your entire hand in a few seconds. However, you can safely and easily take a ladel full of nitrogen and pour it into the palm of your hands. I know, because I’ve done it many times =)

As soon as the nitrogen is removed from it’s containment vessel it will start to evapourate, and the so when the nitrogen hits your hand, the warmth will instantly vapourize it. The effect is that you will have a small pool of liquid nitrogen floating in your hand on top of a small pocket of gaseous nitrogen as the nitrogen closest to your hand continually vapourizes. It’s a really cool effect =)

24 09 2006

uhm, are you sure? i got some on me and it burned. maybe there’s a certain way to do it so you don’t hurt yourself. like the whole lighting ethanol you have cupped in your hand on fire thing.

25 09 2006


I now see why i scored so low on the geek test.

Geek on guys geek on…

-shaking my head-

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