Class of 20XX !!

1 10 2006

alright, so my crazy, life-changing week has finally come to an end.

mondaymy prof asked me to fill out an nserc (national research board of canada or some crap like that. basically, a crap load of money if you can stomach to jump through enough hoops and bs enough to convince a southern US republican to  do anal, that I stand about a -1% chance of winning. so by about day 3 (of a maximum 5) i realized that i the scholarship only applies starting next september. now, i planned on being done at the end of May (or august at the latest) and having a snazzy new piece of paper on my wall (ie. M.Sc.). I spoke with the boss and asked what i was applying for. as it turns out, my time spent in the lab has been leading up not to a spectacular exit, 2007-style, but rather an awkward fizzle that will last the next five years.

so am i doing my masters, then getting a sweet job with the canadian government?  nope.

am i….switching my masters project to a phd, thus saving 2 years of my life? nope.

uhm. what am i doing? i’m defending my masters next term, then begininng a totally new, totally different Ph.D. project starting in the summer, that, at best, would last 3 years but more than likely will keep me in school until 2012.


i mean, i was fucking pumped to be doing a Ph.D. i never really thought i could pull one of. my self-confidence is seriously lacking, as far as smarty-ness is concerned. but FUCK! five more years. yeeesh. i better take up a hobby (that doesn’t involve regularily driving an hour+, to Toronto…although i wish i could).

so, you can expect many more useless, explitive-laden posts, where we can all watch my bitterness increase to a Nick Nolte-level of digust in humanity 🙂

as for my project sumary, as far as my nserc application is concerned, i’ll be simulatneously curing adis, cancer, ulcers, and the energy crisis using natural,zero-emmission, totally organic means, while also lobbying for gay-rights and releasing a chart-topping single!

that should get me a few extra bucks from the government!

expect much, much more sarcasm (and hopefully something that will make you laugh) in the years to come!


p.s. if anyone wants to write an occasional “column” for me (no guidelines as for length, subject, or profanity), let me know. i want to try and get the whole superfriend angle going!




5 responses

1 10 2006

more school eh?

Well at least i can call you senior dotor afterwards.

Congrats on the PHD!!


My condoloensces to here about the PHD.

1 10 2006
Alexander DeSouza

What in the world is going on back home?! I leave the country for a little over a month and you’ve up and gone and decided to get a Ph. D.

You’re my hero =)

2 10 2006

Ouch, five more years, =\

2 10 2006

yeah. im a sucker.there’s alot more news where that came from mr. De Souza! i’ll give you an email when i get a chance.

thanks for the condolenscesdujdfgiubes (i forgot how to spell that word) curi. i’m going to need to visit you guys soon. expect bitterness and sarcasm.

gls, learn from my mistakes. don’t follow my path. you must live and be free!! i beg you! think of the children!!

2 10 2006

“gls, learn from my mistakes. don’t follow my path. you must live and be free!! i beg you! think of the children!!”

*Plays Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston* (I think that’s the song, the one where it goes “you can teach the children… let them lead”.)

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