The cat’s away…

2 10 2006

so the german exchange student, the only person that is ever in the lab before 11am (aside from me of course) is away this week, so if decided to catch up on some serious web surfing, and crank Prince’s 3121 at full blast.

-am i weird for wanting to dress two dogs up as yoda and darth vader, then giggle when they start humping. come on! that’s fucking hillarious!

World’s Greatest Pizza (in Toronto anyway):

following a crystal castles show last week, i was told to hit up Massimo’s pizza, get a slice and “look for a tub of grease. use the brush in the tub and put that shit all over the pizza.” it turns out that it was actually olive oil with some mixture of secret ingredients, but whatever it was, it turned the ghettoest of “ghetto-two asian guy owned-tomatoe sauce in old buckets pizza” places into the veritable g-spot of Toronto’s cultural vagina! (i guess that’d be College street, for some reason?)

<–Hey Kids! this is a “hyper-link”! click it with your mouse to go somewhere fun!

So here it is. If you’re in Toronto and are near College and Augusta. Please. Go there. And load that shit up with the grease!

once again (for the search engines) THE BEST PIZZA IN TORONTO

here a really cool link. Icaro Doria a brazilian artist and journalist working in Portugal (yea!) produced some very cool and very striking social criticisms and worked them into countries flags. I like them almost as much as i am disgusted with humanity by reading them.

you may notice a few new links in the blogroll. first off, alex now has a working camera, so check out his japanese blog ! (ps. dont call japanese blogs, “j-logs”).

jerry, the master of science has set his up his blog. so check out all of his med-school shinenegans in the land of the prarie oyster! (p.s. jerry loves them)

Matt, a former bols’ lab cool guy and new fresh prince, has been in philly enjoying some delicious WaWa’s iced tea and shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. check out his. it’s not updated very often, but i’ve been photoshopping one of the pictures of him in his optometrists jackets into various ridiculous situations and will probably start a dedicated section of my blog to him when madv.2 kicks off.

to the computational biologists among you. i’m not saying you’re fat or anything, but….well, just take a look at the link

finally, some of you may know this man, but a good friend of mine, Hugh, is probably the funniest person i know, and is much funnier than me (he’s half jewish though, so he has the evolutionary advantage of comedy). he off hugging trees or something (haha, j/k you!) but be sure to catch all his probably-awesome adventures at!! (oi!)

dr. mAd-io!




7 responses

2 10 2006

Wow, that hyperlink was fun. I actually had McDonalds the other night.

2 10 2006

Dude, I was out on saturday doin the Nuit Blanche thing adn I amde the group of people I was with Trek 2 blocks after they got their amatos just so i could me my Massimo’s!!

And the tub of grease is pesto, and delicious!!!!!!

2 10 2006


Massimos is part of my old hood (im street yo).

I’m glad to see its so renound!!!

3 10 2006

i heart pesto

4 10 2006

lol dude u’re fucking weird. I think the PhD. thing is gonna make you crazier!!
i’ll bring some wawa back. since when was the german exchange student at bols lab? and u’re not continug your ciliate protozoa work haha u got pwned! i’ll swing by bols lab in 6 yrs with your ass engraved on that chair. do you still have the “L” desk still setup?

6 10 2006

Congrats (I guess) on the Phd thing, you’ll be a mad scientist (it’s also a pun! because of your name!) yet. Mazeltov!

18 01 2007
Victor Leachman

Google is the best search engine

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