it’s right by the Tim Hortons…

24 10 2006

sorry for the absence of post’ge. my supervisor is starting to use words like “start”, “writing”, and “your thesis” in the same sentence, so I’m may become very stressed in the coming months. Aside from that, I have been doing some really cool stuff in the lab with pharmaceuticals that are found in water, and testing their affects on Tetrahymena. I’ll try to writ emuch more in depth about it in the near future.

But first…

today i asked a friend of mine where the nearest flower shop was. so the general direction was “drive down busy road A until you get to the intersection of busy road A and busy road B. Then the flower shop is right beside the Tim Horton’s near there.”

For those of you who don’t know, Tim Horton’s is a Canadian institution. Sure the coffee is vile, but the American company that took it over from it’s humble Canadian roots (Wendy’s) came up with a genius ad campaign a few years back that essentially brain washed the majority of Canadians, that it’s a Canadian institution (you guys follow?). ANYWAY! so Kitchener-Waterloo just happens to be a mecca for businessmen eager to open up their own Tim Horton’s location, as you can clearly see from the map (which you can get to by clicking on the totally unrelated picture of Fat Albert below).

Interestingly, at the intersection to which I was directed, I soon remembered that there was no less than 50,000 Tim Horton’s shops in just about every direction. Anyways, all I’m sayin’ is

a)don’t use ridiculously abundant places of business as landmarks, unless you can throw in a distinguishing feature. i.e. The Tim Horton’s that always has the bum standing outside it who has that single, giant, knatty dreadlock.

b)i need another coffee


because i’ve been neglecting you, check out how i defaced this famous picture of Watson and Crick (the discoverers of the DNA helix) for the Biology Grad Assoc.’s Beer Brewery Tour flyer
here’s the original. click on it to see my contribution.





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18 01 2007
Jennifer Templeton

Google is the best search engine

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