decision made?!

4 11 2006

here is a brain transcript from a few days ago…

alright, 11:30, i wonder if i can check my email until lunch? let’s see what ol’ waterloomail has to offer…

**fires up firefox**

alright…seem to have won the european lottery again…waitaminute…AEM (editor’s note: AEM or the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology is the journal to which I submitted a manuscript to, a number of weeks ago. it’s one of the best Microbiology journals, and I had expected to get terrible reviews (note to non-manuscript writers: generally getting an article published in a journal involves, submitting the manuscript, having it be scrutinized by 2-3 other experts in the field, recieving, generally nasty, comments, fixing up the changes, then resubmitting. end non-manuscript writers note), or be flat out rejected. end editor’s note) has made a decision about the manuscript!!!

fuck. …fuck, i need to open this..fuck. ok, 1-2-3…gah! ok! *click*

Re: Using Tetrahymena thermophila to study the role of protozoa in inactivating viruses in water (AEM02363-06 Version 1)

Dear Dr. Pinheiro:

what the? Dr. Pinheiro? haha! ok…

I have just received two reviews of your manuscript that follow.

aww man… here we go…

 Please respond in detail to each concern and make the corresponding…

ok! blah blah blah *scrolling to the business part of the email*

If you are interested in providing an illustration, related to this manuscript, for the cover of AEM, contact…

wait…cover? what the…

The authors have examined the interaction between the model bacteriophage T4 and the model ciliate Tetrahymena. …. The authors observations have interesting implicatons for natural environments and wastewater treatment systems.
One minor comment: Page 11, lines 2 – 11. Indicate data not shown.

umm. that’s pretty good… what’s the second reviewers say?…

This was an elegant and apparently well done study, the results of which have a number of potential applications… The word “aliquot” is not used in the manner sanctioned by the dictionary…Table 1 should have been double-spaced throughout…

spacing?! elegant?! well done study?!?!

HOLY FUCK! I didn’t get rejected!

As you can imagine, the remainder of the day was spent highfiving my supervisors and buying people beer at the grad student bar, in celebration. The paper hasn’t been formally accepted, but to quote my co-supervisor, “when they pick on you for forgetting a reference and for table spacing, you’ve done something right!”

So wait around to see a link to the paper once it’s available online. As for the cover, I think it would be awesome to have a picture of me rocking a heavy duty 80’s power stance, with a giant tetrahymena photoshopped under my arm, and, like, lightning bolts could be shooting out of it and destroying a giant T4 bacteriophage wearing a dracula cape. maybe throw a couple gorillas in there or something.

My boss didn’t really like that idea…


p.s. tell me if the borat movie is awesome, or the just the greatest movie ever, if you see it this weekend. i’ll only be able to go next week.




3 responses

4 11 2006

Congratulations dude!!!

That’s amazing. Glad to know your atop calire scientist rather than just some mediocor shmuck!

Also, now you can say you were the cover model for the publication, “not only was I an miss June in environmental monthly, I also made the cover”. ?You’ll be the envy of science dorks everywhere.

-single tear-

You’ve made this old man proud son. Just keep given’er!!!!

Finally, putting actualyl stand up comedies such as eddie murphy delrious (aka comedy incarnate) aside, Borat was the funniest peice of filmmaking that has graced gods green earth. You think you know waht to expect? think again. Do not let anyone ruin the scenes for you, just go see it.

that is all

5 11 2006

Congratulations! Acutally, if I were your professor, I’d love that cover! Your professors aren’t hip.

18 01 2007
Chris Lawrence

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