adventures of madona on the wheels of steel

7 11 2006

alright, this goes nowhere, as i’m currently being “inspired” by taking care of back-orders and filing in the lab (which, is as exciting as it sounds *sarcasn! sarcasn! sarcasm!*

i’ve been told i don’t drink enough water, so i’ve been refilling this one bottle with water from the foutain. it tastes chalky and gross. probably too much flouride or calcium in it or something.

listening to best of dylan. so good. i feel bad for people who don’t listen to old music (or watch old movies, for that matter *ahem! mysister*) because they’ll miss out on songs like “Hurricane“. fuck, what a good song!

i’ve been listening to some GMF as well. it’s incredible how ridiculous they looked, but how bad ass they were! this big record company-over produced “gangsta” rap, they play on music stations now a days is so ridiculous, i can’t believe kids swallow it, like they do. you cant be true and get the hefty record company paycheck. it doesnt work that way!

*end pointless rant

in conclusion, fifa 2007 for ps2 is fucking awesome (especially with spanish commentary) as i had my ass severly handed to me last night, on my first occasion to play it.





3 responses

7 11 2006

GMF is awesome! “Some kind of wonderful, doo doo doo…”

8 11 2006

Maybe im an idiot, but i really didnt understand the point of the post. What exactly doesnt go anywhere?

8 11 2006

does it go somewhere? i din’t think so.

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