total protonic reversal by about december 16, or so

8 11 2006

**11-17-06: 11:46 EST**

i hate life.

but life has brought us S P I D E R T A L K

i am conflicted.

go here if the d/l doesn’t work. …sexual

**11-16-06: 12:06 EST**

i have just come to the realization that the “introduction” section of any scientific journal or thesis is essentially a glorified “dick-measuring contest” in regards to how many papers you can reference and link to your work in some form or another.

**11-16-06: 11:02 EST**

mindracing. cannottypefastenoughtokeepupwiththoughtprocess. mustremaincaffeinated. seperationofdayandnighthas lostit’smeaning. mustreturntowork.
**11-15-06: 09:02 EST**

well, my virus is making plaque, so i’ve been riding this wave of success pretty hard. I decided to get a laptop to allow me to write anywhere and everywhere. I’m a tool, so I ended up getting a barnd spanking new macbook, for a steal (thanks to my student discount). Hopefully it arrives soon. It left asian shores yesterday, so i’m hoping by the end of the week, it’ll be in my hands. People tend to think i’m going to become some big mac-elitist because i bought one, but seriously, it’s a computer. “oh but look at all the mac-y apps you can get top plan this and organize that!” listen. when it can suck text out of my brain while simultaneously making a toasted nutella and banana sandwich, then i’ll be impressed. mac, pc, who fucking cares.

here’s a bunch of links i just found while perusing (note that i’m using this in the “quick glance” meaning. it traditionally mean to “look over thoroughly”) some mainstream link-blogs.

Jello on net neutrality


sculptures of proteins and other science strangeness

Adopt a Microbe (coming to a blogroll near you, very soon!!)->oh cholera!

**11-13-06: 11:19 EST**

hurgh! saturday looked good, and it seems like my virus was making plaques. i ended up taking half the day off, going to watch Borat and had some delicious natas (burned are better!). sunday came and SURPRISE! suddenly things aren’t working again. dammit. i spent the rest of the day making new everything (bacterial host, media, etc) so i should know by the end of the day if things are working. also, i just spilt autoclave water (that’s been super-heated to 121 degrees celsius) onto my pants (and thusly, legs). it hurt.

the declining state of the environment makes me question whether i should have kids in the future. but then i relaize that it won’t slow down the uneducated, bigots. so i think i, and you, owe it to man-kind to have as many kids as possible to dilute the dumbness, and possibly save us all.

today’s “awesome band you’ve probably never heard of” is JAPANTHER from NYC.

i didn’t win the phone. i don’t really care. but i still want one.

**11-10-06: 09:46 EST**

if necessity is the mother of innovaition, then being overworked and undersleeped is the mother of AWESOME EBAY PURCHASES!!!

hey. don’t judge me.

**11-09-06: 22:15 EST**

day will not end. phage won’t produce plaques. at least i’ve dicovered BBC7-comedy radio!
**11-09-06: 10:30 EST**

in regards to undergrads coming to the lab looking for my supervisor: Come on! “mister” Bols?! that man works for a living, dammit!

whew-oh boy…

~you know who it is

**11-09-06: 09:59 EST**

dag-blasted! the second viral titre i setup late last night didn’t work. hopefully the one i spent the last 1.5 hours setting up will work. 6 hours of “writing”, where “writing” means “reading old things i’ve written to try and figure out what to write when i actually start writing”

more importantly, i will continue to jam The Mighty Boosh down your throats. This time, in radio show form! Hillarious. i had it one while working this morning. I’m only on episode 3, but it’s fantastic. d/l it, load it onto your mp3 player of choice and enjoy!



**11-08-06: 20:14 EST**

in order to do my remaining experiments, i needed to re-titre my phage (read: determine the concentration of my virus stock), which involves making agar plates, mixing phage and its host, pouring the mixture onto the plate, then incubating for ~6 hours at 37degrees C. the plates i set-up this morning ended up not working. i’m a few hours into the second round and while on break from planning the thesis found i recommend the marbles!


**11-08-06: 15:21 EST**

unless i get sick of this idea, i’m going to just update this post, whenever i feel like it. it will be a testimony to the next month and a half, and how large a piece of shit i will feel like.

i just found out the paper was accepted. like i care, it ain’t going to help me through till december’s end! (it actually will, and i do care, but my happyness gene is currently down-regulated. i’ll smile on december 30!)

finally, like rats off a sinking ship! i still can’t believe americans will still vote republican!! damn bible thumpers…JESUS HATES YOU, GET OVER IT!!

all for now


**11-08-06: around 08:30 EST**

so you know how i was all pumped to finish off the MSc by the end of april and start the PhD, come the summer.


that 6-month timeline has been condensed to 41 days. (i.e. finish the MSc by the end of december).

to those that don’t know, this’ll require doing about 2 weeks of non-stop experimentation (all of which MUST work the first time), writing a ~100 page thesis, fixing up my crappy ~100 page document, presenting at some sort of grad student research conference here at Waterloo, and defending my thesis to my comitee.

please find stupid links to post in the comments section, as i will require much cheering up for the next month and a half, as i’m on the verge of nervous breakdown.

go leafs, go





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12 11 2006

Erm, the most random one I can come up with right now is Have a look at it and spin with it!

12 11 2006

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