27 11 2006

i have come to the conclusion (after the 2.5 seconds i gave myself to find one), that there exists no mac osx equal to the raw crap-ativity sink that is MS Paint.

also, for those of you keeping score, I hve finished my general, chapter 1, and chapter 2 introductions. That’s 11 of about 90-100 pages.





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27 11 2006

just get photoshop.

you can get CS2 off isohunt =)(I had it on my i-pod, but now it is gone).

Good luck with the thesising. Next time you come down to T.O. gimme a hollar, oh and welcome to the the world of Macs, you’ll be an elitest sum bag like the rest of us soon enough

28 11 2006

I don’t know when your thesis is due, but my friend’s brother had to write 200 pages in three months or something. I find it’s really difficult to stick to a font when writing something that’ll take a while.

28 11 2006
not paulo


Anytime you have a spare hour or so, you have to check out Hereos. It’s a fan boys wet dream (minus the ones where you have sex with comic book chics with huge racks…-sigh-… once again, I’ve said too much).

Anyways, heres a link where you can get caught up, after you catch up you need to start sitting down monday nights at 9 and watching global. This show is SICK!!!

Let me know when youve seen em!

1 12 2006


Curi, you’re such a dork

1 12 2006

Fuzz nuggets!

My crappy internet connection is eating half of everything I write… the above was also supposed to say…

As for you Marcel, welcome to the dark-side of computers; by now I can only assume that you’re already contemplating getting a white cell-phone to match your new laptop so that you can load onto it some kind of Mac-esque background; but god knows that’s not something I’d ever do…

*runs away*

1 12 2006
not paulo

HulkE!! How goes it in Japan man?

And yes, indeed I am a dork. But this place needs a little more comic dork around it!

Theres too much science all the time -shudder-

I have yet to see a full blog dedicated to comics, for shame marcel, for shame.

And matching my cell phone to my powerbook..hmmmm….

3 12 2006

A. although my phone is a far way from being updated, dies it count that my nintendo DS is matched to the mac?
how’s this?

3 12 2006


“how’s this was supposed to link to this…

3 12 2006

i heart my

3 12 2006


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