about 2/5ths done

29 11 2006

46 pages. chapter 1 is pretty much done (except for fixing up figures), and i’m doing to last experiment for chapter 2 today (will go until friday if all goes well).

don’t worry though. i’ve had about five minutes a day to check my normal sources for internet buffonery. and here is the fruits of other’s labour!

panoramic Paris!

turn on the benny hill theme and enjoy!

sound waves make things float! scient-astic!

videogame dorks a-hoy. i include myself in their ranks

  frightenstein.com: because i can

token mac content: all mac users must do this once a day at least. they kill you if you dont

OMFG fucken awesome


and part 2

and finally

neatorama. where most of these links are from




3 responses

29 11 2006
not paulo

Im am almost as addicted to this street fighter series as i am too heroes.

30 11 2006

i look forward to checking heroes. as soon as i can afford the time, i’ll watch.

18 01 2007
Jim Darwin

Google is the best search engine

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