the comic post

3 12 2006

anyone want to do a webcomic with me starting in january?

i figure, penguins are the next big thing, and superheroes are on the decline in hollywood.

so it’s a bar. the bartender is a penguin. the regular is a washed up, middle aged superhero named Commander Awesome, or Commander “something they used to say in the fifties”.

Every strip the two would interact with some crazy bar patron or wax philosophical about movies, relations, music, etc.

there’d also be a regular to the strip.

he’d be a mummy

but a fashionable/hipster mummy, called “The Cryptster”

i thought of this premise on my 2 minute walk to the first floor and back.

but i want to do it.

i can’t draw.



this idea is making writing difficult, as my mind keeps wandering. I’ve already imagined the first, extended, strip. First panel would be a first person view of the outside of the bar. Next, a man reacing out to open the door, followed by a panel of walking up to the bar. The person, whose eyes we are looking through, looks left to see “A, Cryptster” (his name has been changed) hitting on a girl. He then looks right to see the Commander and the bartender (a penguin) doing to ol’ “side-eye, don’t want to be noticed checking out this guy” thing. then the final panel a view where we can see everything, with the Commander, with his hand covering the side of his mouth (remember the “psst, i’m so sorry” bit from the simpsons when homer sends ned to die, in the meteor episode) saying “what a weirdo” to the bartender, on his right. A,Cryptster would be doing the side eye at stage far-left, while the person whose eyes we were looking through is being looked at, and is the most normal, boring person which someone could draw.

ok artsies, start drawing!




5 responses

4 12 2006
not paulo

I will pass on the script.

4 12 2006
not paulo


as in I’ll pass it on to artist friends, not I’ll pass becasue its shit (i like the script, it hink it could be the next comic to movie hit)

4 12 2006

haha. my grandfather could play the part of both old superhero and mummy! haha

now all we need is a short guy, possibly a little hairy….hmm, who do i know that fits that description?….:P

4 12 2006
not paulo

I’m not playing a penguin!!!

(stupid tall blonde guys…I hate them sooooooo much)

4 12 2006

aww, but the chicks will luv u!

hahaha! holy shit, no pun intended! haha

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