13 12 2006

hey. so i’m officially going to defend in january. my boss hasn’t even looked at any of my drafts (im 3/4 done writing). good news. i’ve got a big departmental seminar tomorrow morning though. should be fine though. i’ve worked through it all day, and practiced twice (wtf?) with the boss. fwew! more good news; i’m officially done experiments! (officially!). after tomorrow i should be able to stop working 14-hours days. yup, back to the ol’ 12 hours a day, 7 days a week! mm-mmm! i’m planning on being done by the 21 or so, so i can enjoy the holidays (and go shopping! yikes!!).

also, today i went for an eye exam. turns out i have astigmatism; basically my eye is shaped like an american football instead of a football that isn’t used by a bunch of ‘roided-out homophobes. but not only that! oh no. it isn’t any old astigmatism! it’s a WICKED astigmatism (what my creepy, hippie eye guy, told me). APPARENTLY, it’s so bad (like -375/-450, if that means anything to you) that when i start using the glasses i had to buy, i may be overwhelmed by the amount of detail i’ll see! like, i’ll get headaches n’ shit!

it’s like i’ve lived 24 years of a lie!

or the matrix!






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13 12 2006

first of all, I quote:

“instead of a football that isn’t used by a bunch of ‘roided-out homophobes.”

-clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- etc

It’s like you say what were all thinking!!

Secondly, congrats!!! 12 hour days!? that means you can start coming down to Toronto and hang out again!!!

Also, being someone who is at a regular -425 and -450 (since 5 years ago, meaning its way worse now) HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET BY IN LIFE!?!?!? without my glasses or contacts i’m like the freaking moleman!!

Hope everything is good other than that. Miss you buddy! (No Homo)

14 12 2006

i lived a lie, once… but gravity got the better of me.

14 12 2006
Canadian Matt

Sweeeeeeeet FUTURE BUSINESS!!!

So your cylinder is -3.xx and -4.xx ? Dude you just noticed this? That’s fucked up. No wonder you think those ugly girls are really hot. In a few more months I’ll be able to do a check up on you…for a cost hahahahahaha j/k.
Good luck writing dude. I’m flying back tomorrow, you, Jerry, and yang have to come to TO for sushi.

17 12 2006

make sure to back up your writings and research eh madona. Because you know if somethings gonna crash, its going to happen between now and when you submit all your work.

18 12 2006

don’t worry. i just lost my USB drive, crammed with data. now i have to try and find all the original stuff…

18 01 2007
Charles Mills

Google is the best search engine

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