brain excrement

19 12 2006

as i mentioned, i’ve lost my usb flash drive, giving me the opportunity to re-do all of the graphing and number crunching which i’ve was required to do preceeding my departmental seminar (which A.was quite alot, and B.went quite well). so here i am at 5 am working away. it’s so nice to walk to campus and get to see the drunks and over-worked students, just finished pulling all-nighters, all stumbling home together. i still say, a dawn just isn’t a dawn unless you’re matching wits against a large mouth bass!

yesterday i came up with the refreshing combination of listening to miles davis’ Birth of the cool, juxtaposed (someone’s been reading their thesaurus!) to the Circle Jerks, Group Sex.

Both are landmark albums in their own right; one, smooth jazz that would proliferate for the next 20-30 years, the other, one of the defining albums of the SoCal hardcore scene of the early eighties, which gave rise to alot of the top groups of the 90’s and today (red hot chili peppers, as an example, evolved from the california hardcore, funk, and hip-hop scenes of the early eighties).

On a related hardcore note, i just saw the trailer for the new doc, American Hardcore and i must say, it looks interesting. Seems like it’s going to focus on some pretty fantastic work (if you like your music quick, dirty, and out-spoken) and appears to be focused on the the california (circle jerks, dead kennedy’s, black flag), washington (bad brains, minor threat), and nyc (misfits, beastie boys ,cro-mags) scenes, with an additional nod to north-of-the-border D.O.A. (which may be one of Canada’s most influential band ever).  Reviews seem pretty good, although there’s criticism for a lack of perspective into the relavence of this music to today’s popular music.

regardless, if you’re interested check the soundtrack for an intro to 80’s hardcore, or birth of the jazz monster (note: links to torrent files).

on a totally different tangent, if you love the holy back to the future trilogy, check out this crazy timeline via our lord and savior, wikipedia. 





5 responses

19 12 2006

You know correct spelling for “alot” is actually “a lot”.
See there, notice how it’s two words? It’s a bit tricky I know.

20 12 2006

actually, as part of my new system of beliefs, i am obligated to write the name of my saviour “alot” every 765 words, in order to show him the adequet praise for creation of the universe as we know it. you could say i type a lot of alot!

but the followers of alot are quite sensitive to this grammatical faux pa that we’re constantly corrected on. thanks alot for giving me the patience to deal with you non-believers…

20 12 2006

way to be an insensitive racist malcolm.

jeez some people…

20 12 2006

hey, hey, hey!

malcolm’s no racist!

he’s just a bigot 😛

20 12 2006

A little from column A, a little from column B!

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