Merry Christmas

24 12 2006

just in time for christmas, my draft is done!

Thats’ right! 80 pages (without references) of unrelentingly interesting, microbiological buzzwords and phrases! The next two days of not worrying about will be so sweet!

But what kind of blog-whore would i be if i didn’t give you something to wet the ol’ pallette, hm. It’ll have to be both dorky, and christmas-related, yeah. Ok,

yesterday I had to go into the lab to freeze some cells T -80 celsius. This is so months down the road i can go back to the same bacteria. If i were to continue growing and re-growing the same bacteria, in a number month there could potentially be all kind of mutations that arise. Mostly they wouldn’t do anything noticeable, but one or two could. So in biology bacteria, phage, and cell culture samples are regularily frozen down to ensure a stable supply, generally at -80 0C or with liquid nitrogen. Coincidently, this is also done with embryos and semen and stuff.

Now, why do cells remain inteact? why cryoprotectants, that why! Remember that scene from demolition man when sly stallone is dunked in goop? WELL!! that goop was probably a mixture of the carrier DMSO and glycerol. Glycerol is commonly used in science, and by artic salamander- they make it in their livers- to prevent the formation of ice crystals as the temperture drops. The formation of ice crystals will make a big mess to cells! tearing them to shreds. Glycerol prevents this and allows the cell to get cold enough to stop metabolic process, slowing the cell to a sleep-like state. The DMSO is added to allow the glycerol to move into the cell freely.

In a world where reindeers existed, they’d make glycerol in their livers as well!

Ok, Merry Christmas dorks!





One response

26 12 2006

Mutate, huh? >.>

I was just wondering if your write random crap that would still relate to your topic to fill in the pages, would your marker notice?

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