Welcome Back

3 01 2007

2007. Back to work!

Hope everyone’s holidays were good; feel free to leave comments on your holidays, either bragging or bitching.

I’ll do a thing later tonight.

Also, make fune of my new glasses.


**the thing from later tonight**

so, as i mentioned i managed to hammer together a thesis draft by christmas, thus begining my 1.5 or so weeks of my slovenly, gluttony (i.e. lazy, eating) that is generally referred to as the holiday season. christmas went pretty good. i managed to watch not only national lampoon’s christmas vacation; NOT ONLY a christmas story (twice, mind you!), NOT ONLY a chinese circus on portuguese television, but a crappy, made-for-tv ham-fest starring the great Vern Troyer (mini-me) AND Larry Miller (uh… he’s funny) AND that annoying guy from the princess bride (say what you will, he’s no tony danza).

from there it was a series of highs (playing the Wii for the first time, watching top gun again, eating 130 various portuguese and polish pastries (girlfriends of different nationalities are great), getting this for christmas, and having ninja turtles 2: the secret of the ooze as part of a TMNT double-header) and lows (being stunned by an inconvienient truth (although it was a very good film), spending 9 hours in the hospital (dont worry everything is fine), watching “severed“, and having ninja turtles 3 make the tail-end of the TMNT doube-header).

UNFORTUNATLY, after a fantastic first day back (i pretty much sat at my desk and played the newest Castlevania for DS), i just recieved an email from my boss, saying he wants me to post-pone my defense, all because he couldn’t find the time to look over my draft during the holidays.



and now… the thing




6 responses

3 01 2007

Yey! I got to spend christmas in Montreal in an old folks home!
Yey! I got to spend new years eve doing CSS work and make an easy $100!
Yey! I got new glasses too!
Yey! Well they’re a few months old now but you haven’t seen them as yet!
Yey! Make “fune” of your new glasses!
Yey! Life can be depressing sometimes when it’s not such a b*tch!

3 01 2007

actually, spending christmas in an francophone oldies home is the spirit of the season,malcolm! if you weren’t too busy making fun of my typographical prowess (or lack thereof) you would know that. expect a visit from three christmas ghosts next year to hammer some sense into you!

4 01 2007

Malcolm!! Stop making Fune of the poor boy! Can’t you see he’s suffered enough, what with becoming a 4 eyes and all that.

Also, welcome to the 4 eyes club boys, from here on in its limitless wedgies and lonely nights galore. Excelsior!!

4 01 2007


we are the superfriends!

5 01 2007

Hey Crazy!

Wow, it seems like too long since I’ve chatted with you; but I’m still alive and well out here in J-Land =)

Balancing my new relationships here in Japan along with maintaining those of my friends thousands of kilometers away is, for me at least, a lot more difficult than I had anticipated =( But, I’m still keeping an eye on you through the weblog, so keep up the awesome posts bro’!

The video in this particular post was hilarious =)

6 01 2007

good to see you’re not bored! don’t worry alex, i’ll always be around. what else do i have to do? i’m in academia!

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