scientists find “it takes two people to kiss”!!

7 01 2007

as many of you know, i’m a big geek.

now what sort of geek would i be if i didn’t read nature on occasion? i’ll tell you what kind, not a very good one at all!

yesterday i discovered the jaw-dropping geekatude of the Nature PodCast. That’s right, weekly science talk with brits on the microphones.

Anyways, in this week’s they talked about the demise of Nature magazine’s “brief communications.” these are like mini-articles that the magazine publishes in each issue, and they generally are a little wackier than the general long-winded, snorers that make up your average scientific article. they also reminisced on some of their favorite bc‘s of days gone by. One in particular was especially funny, and looked at the chance of a couple turning their head to either the right or left side when they move in for a kiss. This screen shot in particular, sums up the article, but i think the full text is available online, if it tickles your fancy.




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