hell hath frozen over…

11 01 2007

yesterday i threw responsibility to the wind, and decided to bag a day in the lab, and head up to remote (and 10 degrees colder!) Lindsay, ontario to check out a Talapia farm.

Founded on June 19, 1857, and named after a man shot in the leg, Lindsay, ontario is located 2 and 3/4 hours away from Waterloo, or about 1 and 3/4 hours due north of Toronto. It is an integral part of the Trent-Severn Waterway, which links central ontario to both Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. It was also used in various scene in the Canadian major motion picture, MEATBALLS, and is home to the junior A hockey team, the Lindsay Muskies!

The Talapia, unlike the rather large, hockey-trained muskie, does not have a hockey team named after it.

It is a fresh-water (occasionally brackish) fish that is quickly becoming a staple of fish farming. It grows quickly and can be quite tasty, which has led to it’s growth in North America as a food fish. I was accompanying another researcher from UW who would eventually be studying myopia using these critters. There a picture of a fish with goggles in his lab. I wish i could find it online. It was described by one of the workers at the Lindsay fish farm as “fucking hillarious.”

Anyway, i was needed because A) it’s a very long drive. B) the other guy needed someone to check the Oxygen level of the rather large fish tank that we would be carrying in our van. C) I was offered a free lunch (fish and chips seemed appropriate. it was great!). and D) now don’t tell him i told you, but the fact that a 200-pound man is deathly afraid of a 200 gram fish….well…that’s HILLARIOUS!!

NOW! the journey wasn’t really that memorable. but when i got back i found out that NOT ONLY was my paper finally published (link below; you better all read it!) but also that good ole’ Iron Bitchface was interviewed in the Record. I last saw them on saturday at the photographed show.not only were they great, but i took my girlfriends along and she had tons of fun?! life is pretty weird sometime, you know.

Click the cover for my article in html format; here’s the pdf.

and here’s the IBF article. read it, it’s good!

and here’s something for the old people…





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16 01 2007
Canadian Matt


interesting paper. did you write all of it? how come i don’t see my name lol

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