My life’s work: the A&E biography awaits

21 01 2007

my dream is to one day have an A&E biography made about me. Here’s the checklist:

Son of immigrants

Almost killed in canoe accident

Had a dog

Had a cat

Explored a forest

Move-star good looks 😛

Nearly burned down his childhood home and/or school with a toaster and/or fireworks

A scientist

Has travelled to at least three countries outside his country of origin

Has slept in his own vomit, not by choice

Has been chased by a bull

Has nearly gotten into a fight with a celebrity (well, i walked into Michel Schumacher once at a party)

Has been a “street performer”

Given talks at gatherings/conferences to experts in his field

Is kind of witty, charming, funny, and/or eccentric and

Has an arch-nemesis

Almost killed in a freak-fishing accident (in fact, it looked a little-something, like this!)

Travelled the country in close-quarters with a punk band i.e. has been a roadie

Has a world-renowned public outlet for his views, such as a blog

…well, i’m working on the thing anyway.

finally, i seem to have attracted the attention of spammers that like to leave comment about “google being the best search engine.”

well, who am i to argue against an unsolicited, annonomyous advertisement? sorry everyone, but google has apparently won the war.





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