it’s funny because the homeless have no hope

29 01 2007

this weekend was pretty great.

friday ended last week (ok, saturday and sunday, when i don’t work, are so rare that they fall into an abyssal region which does not have a definition. so technically, friday ended my week and monday began the next…and don’t give me any “it’s the weekend, shit!” i work sats and suns 9/10 weeks, so there is no weekend, there is onle days with less undergrads to stand in my way!!).

ok…so the period to last week was friday night. partying with the ecologists at the UW student bar, where decent beer for cheap made for good times. Seinfeld was playing, soundless, on the big screen and i came to the realization that Seinfeld is still good without sound since we could remember most of the lines anyway. as an aside, the spanish-dubbed version of Seinfeld may actually be funnier than english, once you know the show. i couldn’t find any video, but enjoy this probably-diy swedish dub.

so, from the bar, some of us headed to Ben Than, the finest viet-thai spot in waterloo. i ate way too much and felt horrible!!! haha-it’s ok you can laugh at that!

saturday! i ended up fixing my sisters computer and network. viruses all around! haha. but that night, the gf and i headed to Yuk Yuk’s for some comedy. Holy shit, hillarious! there were a bunch of ditzy Laurier girls (read: useless cunts) that were celebrating one of their birthdays. this apparently made them think they were funny as spanish-dubbed seinfeld as they proceeded to heckle the first two acts. fuck! annoying! the headliner was an up-and-comer in canadian comedy named Mark Forward. you’ll hear of him soon, he’s hillarious. anyway, he, unlike the other two schmucks, would take shit and ended up ripping these lamers a new one. Making a group of girls cry on the night of a big brithday party: O-M-F’n Funny!!

sunday was baking day. i was set to hang out with kyle and brad for a big emWiilio esteves party. this should have entailed watching Young Guns and playing the brand-spanking new Wii i was planning on buying during the week. turns out i walked into the store as the guy who bought the last console was walking out, so i made cookies instead. the were goo, so we were all pretty happy. and Young Guns was way better than i remembered! although, i think back in the late eighties there was a generic wailing guitar soundtrack that they tacked onto any movie teenagers would be watching. oh the good ol’ days!

the accent to sunday, however, was when i found out that the trailer for GRINDHOUSE, what will soon be the single cinematic achievment that unites all man-kind in peaceful unity. come on! Kurt Russel and a chick with a machine gun leg! i think i just pee’d my pants a little…




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29 01 2007

Oh God, I hate it when a family member screws up their own or worse, your own computer. That’ll teach them.

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