re: Kill me

2 02 2007

fuck man. monday morning i find out that this coming tuesday, me and the boss have to present a talk to all the Guy Debonaire’s that pay our grant money, and keep me paid. We’ve got to  convince these government bean-counter’s that even though we’re not getting any products to market, our research is important enough to get some fat cash, that would otherwise go to some schmuck-engineer, who’d design a way to trap toxic run-off from constructions sites into bean bags, but not bother to deal with the problem of what to do with these concentrated toxin bags. t-bags if you will.

so all week i’ve been desperately trying to get a powerpoint presentation together than dumbs the science side down enough to appeal to the calculator-button-pushers in the audience (read: engineers) without making their heads explode with mention of things like “the scientific method.” yeah, and remember me epic quest (well, a 2-week long occasional browse may be a  better term) for a wii? well, i managed to get one two days ago, and i managed to get a cheap copy of the new Zelda yesterday. would you like to know how much time i’ve been able to mad-wii-skillery? 20 minutes. i checked the weather and the daily news…  good golly miss molly, this fucking sucks!

on top of that, guess what i’ve got the week after next. my first conference talk ever. where, you may ask. in Hamilton, On at the Canadian Association on Water Quality yearly meeting. Sound familiar? well, those of you that have been around a while may remember this meeting last year as the meeting at which i produced my first arch-nemesis (or nemeses!)

whoa! do you realize that i’m a mere 5 days away from being a 1 year old blogger! holy cats! i’ll have to get on this…

till then…





One response

5 02 2007

“That’s a hole alright”

funniest thing ever.

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