are they using math to convince me heaven exists?

6 02 2007

hey guys. i just got back from my talk to the bean counters. the scientists in the audience loved it, but the guy debonaire’s just sat their, scratching their moustaches and talking about “commerciability,” “path to the market,” and other made up words that don’t belong with science.

i just checked my email on the lab pc and got this crazy email, with an even crazier pdf attachment. thanks to the wonder of the interconnected-network-of-computers, i can send you both of these things. click on thescreen cap for a link to the pdf file!

note: i scanned the pdf and it didn’t appear to have a virus, but scan it yourself before opening.





3 responses

7 02 2007

dude, what the duce?!?!? who is this guy?? what the FUDGE is he talking about?!?!?! dude, u need to make a posting just on the pdf alone…


9 02 2007

I think the point of it was to show that predictions about the end of the earth from the bible are true.

It reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons a bit where homer gets his new identity, and the secret agent says “Hello Mr. Johnson” (or whatever name it was) and then Homer says “I think he’s talking to you”

Hah! Haaah! … Spam.

9 02 2007

dude, it’s hello Mr. Thompson!

i’ve probably seen that episode over a hundred times and start laugh like a ‘tard at that scene.

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