It’s a 1 year blogiversary!!

7 02 2007

Welcome everyone! To my celebration of 1 full year of shouting into the wind; I’ve been online for a year!

So let’s look at what happened…

30k people spelt “Madonna” improperly, so that helped the page hits! I posted 151ish times, that’s awesome, huh.

First post: the day I met Corpusse. Yes, I met many yahoos this past year. Corpusse, Daiquiri and that guy from Tom Green, and an arch-nemesis. Saw a couple freak shows (the Enigma and Carnival Diablo), had a REALLY CRAZY dream, went on tour with IBF, did a spectacular exposé on emo AND Purple Rain (link at right), and discovered FABIO (also that Bayou Billy fucking sucks! (take that Curioso!)). I also won a pie-off. That was a proud moment! My favorite post was the one where i compared Mr. T to the influenza virus, with many many many least favorite between here and there…

I do what i can, though. and I’ll keep givin’ ‘er till i don’t find the word CUNT funny anymore.

heh, CUNT…





2 responses

7 02 2007
JP Cupertino

Thanks for the link to Gremlins Online,and congrats on your year anniversary!

Misspellings are great for accidental traffic, lord knows us bloggers can use it 🙂

7 02 2007


That measn its been a year this blog has helped me aleviate some boredom!

I look forward to many more years of bloggy-goodness

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