CAWQ talk PWNED! **updated**

13 02 2007

YEAH! smoked the big talk today!

Even the chemists liked itl and they hate EVERYTHING!!

now though, i have to go to dinner with a certified schizo!

i know, it should be hillarious!!!

“i am the lord, jesus christ, and i command you to pass the peas.”

more updates after the break…


—> break!

yea, that was uninteresting. the guy was really shaky and at one point dissapeared for a half hour, but otherwise pretty boring (sigh). oh well.

tomorrow morning i’m heading to Allentown, NJ to visit a friend of mine that now works at EXXON. apparently upstate New York is buried under more than 2.5 meters of snow. looks like i’ll be testing my driving skills! i’ll be sure to tell you all about it on monday, but until then, enjoy the TOP TEN NES COMMERCIALS FROM JAPAN!!!!

and while i’m on the subject, does anyone remember this game? fuck! it was so hard!!





2 responses

14 02 2007

why do you have to go to dinner with a schizo? Is it an experiment?

15 02 2007

I love speed runs

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