‘a date which will live in infamy’

28 02 2007

its one step closer to being official!

i suggested friday, april 13th for my defense date, to the boss but he wanted earlier. but march 21ist (the first day of spring), he was fine with. so all i need is to hear back from the committee members and i’ll be off to the races! now to work on that powerpoint presentat- HOLY FUCK, IT’S BEEN DONE FOR A MONTH!

i am rad, squared!

and here’s a limerick summing up my character, courtesy of my good friend Sapo, whom i live in unended jealousy of, as he will be seeing The Police with Sting sometime in the near future:

M is for the Many ways we love him

A is for the apple of our eyes

D is for the Delightful way he makes us feel

O is for the apple of Our eye

N is for his Never ending care

N is for his Noble way of life

A is for the Apple of our eyes

put it all together it spells:



p.s. if a problem arises for the 21ist, plan B will be APRIL FOOL’S!!!




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