14 03 2007

i’ve noticed that i have done very little around here. i guess i’ll kick it old school with some mindless ramblin’s and links.

so i’ve got this hat, right.

and it fits alright, but i just got a haircut and now it’s too big.

i know what you’re saying, “tighten that shit” right? well, for some reason, the straps all quer-tarded and is either too big or wayyyy too tiny. fuck, what a day.

in regards to the picture above, do any mac users know why the hell my photobooth is all glitchy like that? has that happened to anyone else?

this morning i read that 28 Weeks Later, a sequel to 28 days later, is being made. i don’t really know if this is a goodthing. 28 days later was great, don’t get me wrong. but running zombies? come on. these are the rotting corpses of the undead!! somehow, the ability for all muscles to be in tip-top shape is just a tad stupid. but, more importantly, 28 days later really started the over-production of SHIT zombie movies (dawn of the dead 2, zombie honeymoon, etc). so, while i love me my zombies, i dont know if this is good for what really should be a cult genre. now one movie that i’m definately sitting on my thumbs for, is GRINDHOUSE! i’ve talked about it before, but i jut found a link for some of the winners of the fake movie trailer competition that Rodreiguez had something to do with. The first three are examples of real grindhouse (cinemas that play double-features of slasher/sex-/blaxploitation flicks) trailers, then three contestants. they’re awesome. they’re dirty. and Boss Nigger owns all!!

aside from that, a friend of mine has been sending me all these links to nerdcore songs. long story, short: nerdcore is more of a content genre, than musical genre.

step 1: sing about dorky stuff. science, philosophy, math, comic books, video games, sta wars, star trek, etc.

step 2: throw some beats/guitar riffs behind it and vi-ola!

it’s been around for a while, actually. i, myself, am a fan of mcchris. and as far as i’m concerned, he is the end-all and be-all (at least if you treat nerdcore as a viable listening experience, rather than 2 or 3 mp3s that you have your friends listen to, and giggle at).

God bless this truck, which God has brought unto us!

and now, the following videos:

1……2…….3…..AND 4 (nsfw)





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