thesis submit is GO! update: now with more words!

19 03 2007

WELL! it’s submitted.

97 pages of pure, microbiological bliss!

so now to tweak the presentation. i’ve got time (2 weeks) so i think i’ll forego the “professional” look and go for “ridiculous.”

to help me along, i’ve found this mp3 on a blog which i tend to frequent, and it’s rekindled my odd love-affair with ocremix. so expect some music around here sometime later.

also, they TOTALLY STOLE my idea?!?! at least it’s getting made, but i’d like to stand on record saying i could do a better job…..


**herein lies the updates!**

well-welly-mc wellington, the day is almost done. from the talk about ocremix this morning, i proceded to check some of the remixes out. now, i’m a fan of cheesy nes remixes because it reminds me of days spent playing nes back in the day. SO! why not just listen to actual nes music.

well, it turns out those are called “chiptunes” now. they’re pretty easy to listen to on a pc, with winamp. but on a mac there are a limited number of programs (read: 1) that will play the files.

so, here’s a website with a ton game music files, here’s the mac program, and here’s an error screen to make you windows users feel comfortable 🙂

as an aside, i listened to the overworld theme from Zelda 1 for about 45 miutes this morning while working. i really felt like i got things acomplished

NERD-ALERT: that program also lets you export to .wav easy. so you can pimp all your electronic shit with nes sounds! love the theme to Friday the 13th (FUCK YOU! I DO!!), why not make it a ring tone? (i hate you so much. ragging on friday the 13th like that…)

(sorry Dr. so-and-so, but I’m much too busy to help you)

after that, i headed off to one of my new fave music blogs missingtoof. check it out. it’s a lot of british “new rave” stuff, that’s cool with the kids in the UK, so i am told. (i recommend checking out the Kavinsky stuff. it’s neat)

after writing a painful operating procedure, for people who don’t know how to use a microscope, i found this hillarious stand-up video and this art site, that i’m sure i’ve posted before. i really like the super-deformed look of it.






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