what’s that weird buzzing?

30 03 2007

man, what the fuck?!

i’m sitting here, at my desk, trying to cram my brain with knowledge, in hopes of convincing 4 faculty members that I have some sort of idea what I’m talking about, on monday (monday being the day i defend), and out of nowhere the fire alarm goes off!

turns out, i didn’t notice for about 4 minutes, when the fire marshal runs in to the lab and tells me to get the hell out of here.

“fire? no i’m reading about ciliate mucocysts. their like little pores on my cells that release mucous, but noone really know why they do”

turns out it wasn’t a real fire, just some undergrad that didn’t want to write a quiz or something. bullocks, i say. the only problem, the copy of TMNT that sits on my desktop. let me tell you all, the newest incarnation of the ninja turtles is quite rad. I saw it sunday in the theatre, but i know i’ve got to watch it again.i’ve heard some mixed reviews, but i don’t see why. it takes place in present day (where we haven’t really seen the Turtles for 10 years or so). some of them are away, some have day jobs. from there the story focuses on the family unit, which is really cool when said family unit consists of mutants turtles and rats. JL Picard (Patty Stew’) is the main bad guy too (OMFG, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT VIDEO!!!), in the sub plot, which is kind of weird but still cool. It’s totally Leo and Raph’s flick (which is sad for a Mikey loving kid like me) but trust me when i tell you that it is a great movie. the action scenes are tight, the characterization is spot-on, and really, its the goddamn ninja turtles. if you weren’t bouncing up and down in your seat from the time you heard about this, why are you still reading.

to adequately describe this movie, the made-up word i feel applies is RAD-ABUNG-AN-TACIOUS!

So, monday is the defense day. I think it’s going to go just fine, though. I’m going to nail the presentation, then go to the grad bar for the complimentary bottle of champaign!

grad school for life!

Starting today its SPIKE YOUR COFFEE-FRIDAY!

 so, to celebrate, i give to you the following:



8-bit music (which, i might add, you should really get into!)

science and more


more patrick





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