Happy Easter!

6 04 2007

it’s good to know that on this, the weekend which marks the anniversary of the birth of the chocolate egg, that the great Christian God has presented upon us, the true-believers, a great gift. One prophesized by two of our greatest prophets!

This gift, The Flying Car!



and what better way to be sure that said transportive vehicle of aviary excellence, be safe to the average church goer, than to sacrifice those who are the most faithful (and least useful in society): The OLD!



Buckle up, gramps! You’re heading for the skies!

“What a time to be alive,” INDEED!!


Disclaimer: I meant no offence to anyone here. God’s a good chap. Jesus died for sins this weekend (note: not just his believers, btw). And I wish everyone a happy (or dignified, if you’re Jewish) weekend.

Let’s not fight over religion, people. That’s all just storybook tales to teach kids how to behave, anyway.

Happy Easter, Everybody! 




3 responses

6 04 2007

buddy, what’s the easter bread situation this year!?

7 04 2007

Or the the Flying Bathtub!

12 04 2007

haha! good call on the tub!

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