SANTO: El Enmascarado De Plata!

12 04 2007

last night i caught Grindhouse. i have to say, it was a total blast. an excellent zombie gore-gy, full of laughs and ridiculous levels of gore (plus Tom fuckin-Savini!!). Death Proof was great too. A little long-winded, which detracted from the spirit of the feature, but the dialog was good, and the car chase scenes were really intense. I would definately say “hey, you. goober. go see Grindhouse!”

Just do it quick. I’ve heard rumblings of it being split into two films because American’s can’t stand to sit through 3 hours (/whining). fuck. maybe if theaters had food troughs full of cheeseburgers, those fat cows that make up the majority of movie-goers, would try things a little different.

then again, not everyone may be down with extreme violence and the fact that i laughed out loud when (SPOILER!) a certain young boy blows his own face off with a handgun! (bah-hahahaha)(END OF SPOILER!)

more importantly, with the creation of Machete, a planned straight-to-dvd feature, based off one of the fake trailers attached to Grindhouse, i really hope that indie cinema shifts back to the B-movie glory of days gone by.

And what better film could be made, then one featuring…

the world’s most famous luchadore,

star of over 50 films,

Mexican folk-hero and super-hero,


Although I have yet to see any of his films, they seem to follow a similar flow:

Santo, the silver-masked man, is living a comfy life. Fancy cars, great eats, and plenty of girls! Enter the bad guys! Ranging from mexican mobsters, to mummies, to martians; somebody shows up to ruin the party and terrorize the poor people of Mexico!

Then Santo, sometimes accompanied by his friend the Blue Demon, must show up to fight off the bad guy, and save the girl!

Generally, this involves challenging them to a fight in the ring, if my understanding is correct, but there are times that Santo has to get down and dirty in an alley with some of his luchadore friends as back-up!

I’ve tried to include as many videos as I can find, but here is an extra-special one; the one that introduced me to Santo! It’s a compilation of some of his greatest moments, including the ONLY time in his 30+ year career where he demasks! Enjoy, and, if you’re like me, you’ll be heading out to your local art-movie house to try and find anything you can featuring…






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18 04 2007


18 04 2007
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