Has creativity died?

11 05 2007

my initial plan, upon starting the Phd, was to at least post SOMETHING every friday and flex any creative muscles that remained.

Luckily, two days ago I woke up convinced that if Batman existed in our world, he would be George Cloone. I had a laundry list of evidence as well. But rather than spend a whole post on my faltering sanity, I’ve decided to spend the majority of the day outside, since we are finally having a very nice day in Waterloo, reading papers. I can tell you however, that the new project (which, at this point, is really much more of a lack thereof) is hella-frustrating and is driving me crazier than someone who wakes up convinced they’ve discovered the secret identity of a real-life Batman!

So, before I head into the sun, there’s something I have to bitch about.

Remember when this whole 80’s chic thing came along. And everyone was like, “hey remember “insert-random-thing-from-the-80’s, probably-directed-by-john-hughs”? That’s so great, we should bring stuff like that back!!

The problem was, they really started. And in most cases, those things were better left in our childhoods (i.e. Miami Vice, and Transformers). But now it seems that you don’t have to wait anytime at all before re-makes and unrequired sequals are crapped out (generally by Hollywood). It’s pretty shitty that this retro thing just won’t go back to the underground. Back then it was cool, because it was fun and the bean counters weren’t trying to sell it so much. Bleh!

BUT!!! That being said. There is one shiny star of my childhood that, for the most part, hasn’t been seen for like 10 years. That, my friends, is RYGAR. And THIS is the face of the new Rygar. I am pumped!

here’s a Jaques Brel vid that’s positively captivating!





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