Just Links Edition

19 05 2007

i’m off to a big conference next week, so it’s just some links to keep you interested this week!

Firstly, everyone head over to the Toxic Avenger’s myspace page. This guys remixs are unbelievable! They’ll have you powering through that crappy office work like butter!

while we’re on the topic of not doing work, at work. Deflector. a simple flash game that is all about saving the world by drawing lines. This is different from the new Transformers movie, which involves saving the world with BAD dialogue.

One of the godfathers of awesomeness on tv, would have to be Bob Barker. A living legend. whatever network he’s on has been running a lot of specials about him recently (so i am told), and here is quite the clip from this week. Happy Gilmore was one of my favorite adam sandler vehicles. i’ll have to go back and watch it again…

finally, i feel it is my need to share the following with you. anyone who grew up in the shadow of the greatest movie ever will know how badly everyone wanted a hoverboard, and how many rumours arose about said hoverboard. well, i never met that 5th cousin who got one for christmas, but i can at least get us a step closer to the utopian 2015 society from BTTF2. and you should too! click the link below to find out how!




One response

28 09 2007

so the blogs dead eh?

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