I have a hell of a cool fiancée!

30 12 2007


As it stands right now, I have about two days left until I’m back in the lab. Although I did spend a good portion of the break typing away on my computer, trying to finish the next paper in my expanding list of “need to write asap” papers, I really can’t complain. Christmas went well this year. A 5-hour stint in the local hospital waiting room was probably the worst gift I recieved this year (thanks Grandma!), my lady-friend made up for this in spades with some present purchases that went way above and beyond!

por example:





(isn’t this one incredible! it shoots plastic discs! its a parents worst nightmare!!)

But, with all this gift giving, I made sure to remember the true spirit of the season: Relax-isfaction! So, during the course of this break, I spent an inordinant amount of time watching various which I have not yet found time to watch. Now, because I love you, I will list them with a small (five words or less) review. Please enjoy.

Superbad– funnier than I thought.

I now pronouce you chuck and larry– Surprisingly, funnier than I thought.

The Bourne Ultimatum– Good fights, thrilling execution.

No Country for Old Men– Great, but needs multiple viewings.

Waitress– Unbelievably charming. Excellent acting.

The Heartbreak Kid– Crap. Crap crap crap crap.

Juno– Best movie I’ve seen this ye…(ah, to hell with the rules!)ar! A riot from start to finish, with fantastic performances from everyone involved. The witty dialogue and “NO FUCKEN’ WAY!”-type throwbacks are consistent. Please. Go see this movie. Tell your friends to see this movie. Write about this movie online. And, buy it on dvd. This is this year’s “Little Miss Sunshine”/indy movie darling. The moment the end credits began to roll, I wanted to see it again!

Well, alas, all good things must come to an end. I sit here on the eve of New Year’s Eve (an event which I hate to the n-th degree!), procrastinating with this blog rather than being hard at work. Here’s hoping that 2008 bring you all joy and happiness, and that the world somehow manages to recover from the biggest tragedy of the year! 


p.s. get well, grandma…




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