“Hurry, there’s a prowler outside my door!”

11 01 2008

8 months and 9 days

That’s how long it took before I almost go kicked out of my PhD program.

And how did I find myself in such dire straights? Running through biology 101 naked? Selling answers to final exams out of the trunk of my car? Making black market Advil from biological grade ibuprofen? Seducing Professor Sexington??


APPARENTLY when you finish your thesis, you’ve got to sign and submit some sort of release form that says the school can release your thesis the Library of Canada (home to other great Canadian works of literature). So the frantic call from the grad secretary led to some nasty to calls to the grad office, who are useless blowhards. Well, it could of been worse, but it sure could have been a lot more interesting!

Prowlers! Remember those? In old movies, the mousey housewife left home alone, when suddenly a gangly, white guy shows up in a large overcoat and goofy hat, just trying to catch a peek of desperate house-cooch! What ever happened to those guys? I just watched “The BAT“!! A cool, old, Vincent Prince flick where he doesn’t really do anything of interest, but just watching his hammy shwarm across each scene is prize enough to sit through this film. But the “Bat” in the picture is really nothing more than a prowler with some sewn in claws on his glove. He’s trying to get into a house (inhabited by a troupe of stereotypical ’50s ladies) to get to a stash of loot! But there’s seems to be a zillion other prowler movies out there. But they’re all pre-90s. In the neon decade, prowler movies seemed to become slasher movies, and since then prowlers have become crap-horror-cliche.

What gives??




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