9. Purple Rain

16 06 2006

Warning: the following post contains links to video which may lead to face-melting. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Purple Rain

Prince's signature song influenced a generation of kids. Fashion, dancing, sexuality every changed after the movie hit. Remember that Cosby Show episode when Lisa Bonet tries to leave the house with only half her face done with make-up? Purple Rain started the trend. Purple Rain is the quintessential power ballad. Slow tempo. Lost love. Face-melting solos. Fantastic.

The song from the album was recorded live at the same club seen in the movie, in Minneapolis. The single, with a VERY preachy B-side, hit #2 in the US and the song, itself, won the Oscar for best original score in '84!!

I really don't know what more to say. The song, album and film really defined a generation. I highly recommend partaking in all three, if you haven't before. Just fantastic.

Before i finish my little thing on Purple Rain, here's a couple awesome videos. The first from back in the day, and a second from the ninties with the New Power Generation (Prince's backing band since the beginning of the '90's).

Kiss your faces goodbye. Don't say i didn't warn you!



8. Baby I’m a star

16 06 2006

First off, I'd like to apoligize for all the blatant errors i've made in reference to the movie, Purple Rain. I'm sure there have been many.

Baby I'm a star. Second last track. On the Take me with you single. Pretty cool video from the movie that has all the coolest characters in it in some way (ie. Morris and Jerome, Appollonia, etc) plus the Kid masturbates a guitar. Perfect.

This sounds like as good a time as any to look at some other characters in the film…

The Revolution: Prince's backing band from the late 70's to '86, appearing (albeit in different forms) on the albums 1999, Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day, Parade, and Sign o the Times. At the time of Purple Rain, The Revolution consisted of Mark Brown (dubbed Brownmark by Prince) on bass, Bobby Z. on drums, "Doctor" Fink and Lisa Coleman on keyboards and Wendy Melvoin on guitar. Lisa and Wendy, in particular, were influential on Purple Rain and had the largest parts in the film (compared to the other band members). After the Revolution, they went on to collaborate musically on alot of soundtrack work, and have a website, that looks pretty cool but i can't make heads or tails of it.

Apollonia: Apollonia Kotero won a cross country audition to play the character after Prince's girlfriend, Vanity, had become "unavailable" to play the role (i.e. the two split up). She was also made lead in Prince's concept girl band, Vanity 6, whose gimmick was to appear onstage in lingerie and the group was renamed Apollonia 6. They were a trio and the "6" represents the number of breasts in the band (oh, that Prince!). Lastly, she was hot then and she's still hot now.

Morris Day and Jerome Benton: Essential to Purple Rain. Comedic duo. Members of the greatest band in the universe, The mutha' fuckin' TIME!! Just read everything you can on wikipedia about them

one song left. what could it be?……..


7. I would die 4 U

15 06 2006

Whew! Almost done. I promise the last two days will be alot beefier than the others have been, but soccers on soon, so i don't have much time.

I Would die 4 U was the last single off Purple Rain, and is a pretty good song if i don't say so myself. Looking into a bit i learned that it originally didnt do all that hot because some of the lyrics can be translated in a ("messiah complex" sort of way (I'm not a woman, I'm not a man, I am something that you'll never understand"); but i've i've never questioned Prince was king of the world, so it never bothered me. Consequentially, the single only hit #8 in the US, containing a B-side about a guy losing his girlfriend at Christmas. o be honest, i've never heard that song, and find "its christmas, be depressed!" songs to be pretty lame. I mean, if RUN DMC can write a song about Christmas in the ghetto and make it AWESOME, then i don't think anyone should bring down the Christmas mood, you know.

In the movie, Purple Rain, I would die 4 U is the song that ends the film, after the Kid comes back from disaster, and wins the crowd over with Purple Rain. It keeps the party going, and he does that ridiculously rad "running around the stage, rubbing his face" thing, that i always laugh at, and everyone watching, loves every minute.


6. When doves cry

14 06 2006

A mainstay in Prince's live show, When doves cry is a kinda-sorta autobigraphical tune about the little big man (probably just as autobiographical as the movie Purple Rain was). It was the first single released from the album, and it blew up HUGE!! It was the top-selling single of '84, hitting number one on the charts in various countries. This is even more of a feat if you've seen the incredibly crappy cover on many of the versions. I, for one, greatly prefer the japanese cover, which let's the world know that "Prince is the drug!"

i have no idea what, exactly, that is supposed to mean.

so without further adieu, here's the really creepy video for one hell of a song. (this one's for my spaniard friends) Prince et el Revolucion aprasenta Quando doves(?) chora

haha screw you guys, im portuguese.


Hot off the Press: Changing sides interlude

13 06 2006

side A is done, so while i'm turning the tape over…





5. Darling Nikki

13 06 2006

Yeah! Awesome song. Last track on the first side of the album (vinyl rulz) and although it was never on a single, it's sexually-charged lyrics made it one of the song's that fueled the fire behind Tipper Gore's Parents Music Censorship Gleeclub that's been slapping "parental advisory" stickers on albums ever since!

Stupid american censorship aside, the song is guitar heavy and is fabled to have been recorded in one take! additionally, every band in the world and their brother has covered this song, but no good videos for it can be found (this one is just disturbing…)

more interesting than drunk guys and muscle chicks, i also found the "Hottest Blog Online" during my google search, which features some porn star named Nikki. here's a sample of some of the comments the many net-nerds have left for darling Nikki…

Bruce writes:

Your pussy is amazing. If you need someone to suck and lick on it just call me




The enigmatic "key" writes:


Every time I think of you Nikki I have to jack off and cum.


how graphic. thank you.


Now here's a nice one:

You are my dreamgirl. I want to fuck your pussy once. If you are ready say yes.


just once! he wouldn't want to get bored, what with so many other girls he still needs to hook up with…


and finally

the conservatively dubbed "analsexfreak" writes:



I wish she was suckin' on my beefstick. I'd save up my spuzz for a month just to wash down that pricelessly beautiful, blonde goddess face with it.


then follows up with a general comment


I wonder if she takes it up the ass?


hmm? the many mysteries of life. classy.



4. Computer Blue

12 06 2006

Computer Blue. What a good song! One of the funkier tracks on Purple Rain, it is also one of the few that was never released on a single. From this point onward, the album really starts to cook. This is in contrast to its use in the movie, which the Kid plays it, and the following track, at pretty-much a low point in his club career. Like i said the other day, the album cut is alot shorter than originally planned, due to the inclusion of "Take me with U," and i have to say, the extended version is WAYYY better. And with how good the album version is, that sez alot. I couldn't really find a video for it, unfortunatly, so all you're getting is a cover.

Purple Rain aside, i defended my MSc. proposal successfully today! I spent all hours of the weekend when soccer wasn't on, getting the presentation done, and i think people liked it. But, man o man, all of my sight gags bombed like an iraqi! wow. i almost started laughing at how bad they bombed. so awesome! i mean if a stupid animated gif cant get a laugh…