3. The Beautiful Ones

11 06 2006

The Beautiful Ones is generally the song most people forget from Purple Rain. In the movie, I think it's played when The Kid finds out Apollonia is working for Morris Day, but it's been a while since i've seen it last, so i could be wrong. It's kind of your standard "lost love" ballad until right near the end of the song, when Prince really gives'r and not a listener alive can help but find themselves clenching their fist and screaming along with the Purple-one, himself.

The song was never featured on a single, nor was there a video made (at least, not one that didn't go into the Vault. Consequentally, i couldn't really find any video to post with this. Instead, I found this Price is Right video. I just can't help laugh at Rod Roddey's reaction to the wardrobe malfunction!! What a guy…



2. Take me with you

10 06 2006

ok, first off, Curioso what do you want from me? you know what i had for breakfest? a corn muffin. you know why? because they're delicious. you know why they're delicious? because they remind me of broa, the pinnacle of bread-volution! so i dont dont see why not, say, bitching about why i hate england's "long ball" style of game and how i spent more time this morning cursing Beckam (my personal favorite, "go back to fucking your beatiful wife you useless cunt!") than talking to my family, or how i hope sweden does well cause i cant help but giggle everytime i see that one guys awesome rat tail, put me on par with the lowly italians (ok, there are two who i can stand). And you can forget about the Prince/football uber-blog. How would i ever find a way to relate the two??
anyway, Take me with you was kind of your straight ahead pop ballad. Originally written for Apollonia's solo album (who i'll talk more about later), Prince decided to throw it onto PR (unfortunatly, at the expense of a shorter cut of Computer Blue; a far better uncut version is floating around the internet) and it does work, but isn't the strongest song, by far. It was the final single to be released from PR, with Baby I'm a Star as its B-side, and hit #25 on the US charts.



answered the last remaining a-a-s question, so check the page, then ask some more.

1. Let’s Go Crazy

9 06 2006

that's right! it begins today!

while every other blog in the known blogiverse comments on the world cup, i'm going to begin the 9 day exposure of Prince's magnum opus: Purple Rain

released in 1984, PR was designed by Prince as an album of mega-hits to pump his movie Purple Rain. What he may not have planned on was the lasting effects PR, both album and film, would have on music, movies, fashion, etc.

The first track, Let's Go Crazy, flows from organ solo to hard rock opera, with the central theme to generally enjoy life. It hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1984, but those k-razy k-oreans didn't seem to be fans, as it was banned in south korea on its release.

Mre importantly, Erotic City was the B-side on the single (the second single from the album), which just may be my favorite Prince song ever, thanks in part to a heaping dose of George Clinton-atude!! Dig?