My 2006 Intro

some hot, intro action
so you bums finally strongarmed me into getting a blog. shame on you! thankfully, i was given a damn good idea by my capoeira boyz on how to run this shit-parade. instead of always just writing out (and largely exaggerating) my daily escapades as a scientist/capoeirista/grindwhore groupie, from time to time i’ll call upon the services of my underlings (you) to write out shit and possibly illustrate my crazy/drunken/caffeine-induced ramblings (depending on whether or not you can do that on this damn thing).

so, for as long as i stay interested, check back here once in a while for shinneanegans, ramblings, poor spelling and a total lack of capital letters. woooo!

why the name?

first of all, for any of you who are not in capoeira, you must learn the secret of my alter-ego: madona. here’s the deal: capoeira is a brasilian martial artform developed by african slaves in brasil over 400 years ago. in capoeira, students are given nicknames by their instructors as this has been the tradition since capoeira was illegal. these are generally ridiculous or insulting but are usually easy to remember. and when i started, i had long hair, so i was blessed with the curse of “madonna”

superfriends came about because of the whole idea of getting my friends to write shit for me cause im really lazy. thanks to curioso for that gem

just give’n ‘er cause it’s funny to talk like a hoser.

good ol’ malcolm

malcolm, you suck. just wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page here.


2 responses

19 01 2007
liliana helen ferreira

necesito una direccion de email para escribirle a maddona desde ya muchas gracias

19 01 2007
liliana helen ferreira

necesito una direccion de correo electronica para escribirle un email a MADDONA

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